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I have two M.A.’s – first in international journalism and second in Middle East history. For more than 10 years I’ve been working with various international publishers and publishing materials about the countries where I live and visit, about my travels and just my observations of people in the most remote corners of the world. My favorite journals to work with are National Geographic, Afisha, Yedioth Ahronoth and many others. I’m always open for new ideas, so if you are an editor of a journal or a newspaper, drop me a line! Hopefully, we can come up with a new exciting project.


After I loved to write, I started to love photography. For me it’s one more way to know and describe the world. After a little while, photography for me stopped simply adding to my stories and became something bigger, something with its own value. Among my photo-projects are Middle East conflicts, the lost tribes of Ethiopia, secret Jewish night prayers, ancient monuments of human civilizations and many more. Today I’d be glad to do a commercial shooting anywhere in the world. My works are published in the world’s largest journals such as National Geographic and take part in personal and joint exhibitions.


Most of the year I spend travelling. I’m based both in Tel Aviv and San Francisco, and I cruise between them, stopping here and there, most frequently in Africa and Asia. I write and shoot about my favorite countries, and also guide ethno- and photo-tours in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. At any moment, I’m ready to pack my suitcase and go to a new trip, new shooting or take my group to some distant exotic spot. When I leave, I always take my camera and when I get back, my luggage is bursting with the souvenirs for my favorite side project, the Travel Shop

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